WHY CineStar Movie Company

It's hard to be the best in a state like Texas!
But Someone's gotta do it!


When I talk about "Why CineStar Movie Company" I don't talk about our pricing, specials, what we offer, or availability; but rather, I talk about quality, and the customer experience we provide. I put a lot of research and testing into the products and equipment, ensuring the best experience for the viewer, and all around smooth, and efficient event.


Basically, there are two types of inflatable screens: Commercial use, and Home use. We use Open Air Cinema and Airscreen screens, industry leaders in professional and commercial outdoor theater. The screens are made with a theatrical-grade projection surface and a black backing to eliminate back light from shining through or causing a reflection on the screen. With constant air pressure from a blower, and an 8-point tie system, the frame stays solid, in up to 20mph wind.

We measure our screens by the "viewable area" of the screen, which is the WHITE part. If it is 20' wide, we say it is 20' wide, not 32' or 28' or add the frame to sound bigger. BE CAREFUL when pricing companies that say they have a screen size that isn't even made by the manufacturer. Many also try to lower the rating of viewers, so you rent a bigger screen than you need. We price ours HONESTLY and we post the manufacturer specifications to back it up.

Home use screens are purchased from retailers such as Walmart, cost a fraction of commercial screens, and offer a fraction of the quality. Sadly, I see far too many startup companies using these cheap, home use screens and charging professional prices. Below are examples of home use screens:



The other half of your picture quality is the projector. We use full 1080p HD, super bright, and very high contrast projectors. 1080p and "Full HD" are terms used to describe an HD signal with 1080 horizontal lines of vertical resolution. It assumes widescreen aspect ratio of 16:9. How fitting that we use 16x9 screens! :) What does this mean? Well, if you want a true HD, Blue Ray, or 1080p signal, and your provider has a 12' x 12' screen, guess what? You can't, unless you scale down your picture to fit. Don't be fooled by someone saying they offer HD or 1080p service, and use a square screen.

Lumens are a measure of "brightness" or amount of visible light emitted. Higher the lumens, the "brighter" the image on screen. In outdoor theater, this can mean the difference between starting a movie at sunset, or waiting 30 more minutes. Or it could mean that streetlamp drowns the picture. We use minimum 3000 lumen projectors.


Once you have a huge picture that you can see clearly, and how the movie production company intended, next is SOUND. What good is a big theater system on a small, weak sound system? NONE! You want BIG sound, and so do we! We run a minimum 2200 watt Yamaha system, with 12" subs, and 8-channel mixer. Made for outdoor "Live Sound", it really is a powerful, clean and very dynamic system.


So after we set up a screen, play some music, and dial in the projectors, what is left? YOU! This is your event! From the minute you call to reserve the date, until we pack up and leave, our commitment is to the success of your event. Want to add some popcorn or glow necklaces? We can do that. DJ lighting, strobe lights, lasers, we can do that too! My goal is for you to be able to enjoy the event as well as your guests, so sit back, relax...we will take care of the rest! - Jason